A top secret remote cell phone spyware.

Since the terms remote cell phone spyware and conventional cell phone spy are used frequently at this site it is important you understand the difference between the two as well as the powers AND limitations of both types of cell phone spy. A few additional frequently used terms will be explained here as well.

CONVENTIONAL CELL PHONE SPY - a cell phone spy software that must be installed to the cell phone you are going to spy on. This fact alone presents problems for many would-be cell phone spy enthusiasts. This limitation is one of the reasons remote spyware for cell phones is so popular. Examples of this type of cell phone spy include Spybubble, Mobistealth, Flexispy and MobileSpy. You have probably head of some of those.

Here is the complete list of limitations or problems conventional cell phone spy software presents:

REMOTE INSTALL CELL PHONE SPY - is cell spy software that gets installed to your own cell phone and not the cell phone you want to conduct surveillance on. The limitation here is your cell phone has to be compatible. As long as your cell phone has an Android, BlackBerry, IPhone, Windows Mobile, or Symbian operating system a remote cell phone spy program will be compatible with your phone. Remote install cell phone spy can literally spy on just about ANY cell phone. The cell phone does not have to have a smart phone operating system. This means remote cell phone spy software can effectively spy on prepaid and contract free cell phones as well such as MetroPCS, StraightTalk and Net10. Remote spyware for cell phones can be used to spy on an unlimited number of mobile devices. Although you can only spy on one cell phone at a time you can change which cell phone use spy on quickly and easily by launching the remote spy application and selection the appropriate menu item.

SOURCE CELL PHONE - this is the cell phone of the person who is doing the spying. In reference to remote cell phone spy the source cell phone is the cell phone you install the remote spy application to.

TARGET CELL PHONE - this is the cell phone you are going to spy on. In regards to conventional cell phone spy software this is the phone you install the spy software to.

About the only limitation there is to remote spyware for cell phones is that it is a one size fits all spy program. In other words the conventional cell phone spy software program that makes up the spying application is custom-made for the different cell phone operating systems. Remote spyware for cell phones is produced for all cell phones. Because there are so many possible combinations of source cell phone and target cell phone remote cell phone spy software does not work 100% of the time. This is why it is extremely important that you only use a remote install cell phone spy that comes with a money back guarantee. Even though a remote phone spy works in most situations most of the time if for some reason your phone, the source phone, and the target phone are for some reason not compatible with the remote cell phone spy application you can get your money back. At the current time there are only two remote spyware programs for cell phones that have a definite satisfaction money back return policy and those two are CellTracker and CellSpyMonitor.

If any of the terms or any of the information discussed on this page is unclear you may contact us and we will answer any questions you have promptly.

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